25 Ocak 2021 Pazartesi

1/72 Revell M1A1 Abrams

Acctually, I had finished the Abrams before but I had in my mind to make a vignette for it. When I finished the main base, I wanted to add the smoke effect. I used some cotton and electric wire to make the smoke. Then, I colored it to the red, yellow,ligh flesh and earth colors.

28 Aralık 2020 Pazartesi

2020's Models

 I didn't make a lot of models this year because of my work. I hope, I can make more model in 2021. Happy Christmas.

14 Ekim 2020 Çarşamba

1/72 Tree


1. Bend the electric wire to make the body and branches of the tree. Try to make more thin branches towards upper branches.

2. Cover the bended body and branches with putty, plaster or wood reparing paste. I used reparing paste.

3. Continue to this process until on the wires is covered.

4. As a last layer, make tree texture. To do this, make vertically strokes with your brush to on the not dried paste. Paste the small tree branches with transparent glue to edges of branches of the your tree.

5. Paint to the body and branches as you wish but this color should be suitable for a tree. I used a mixture of wood brown and black as base color. For highlight, I drybrushed with a mixture of wood brown and white.

6. Stick the turf to edge of the branch with hair spray. You can use a different glue, also. You can continue to the this process until you have to desired.

7-8. I used the hair spray again to paste little leaves. After the hair spray sprayed the on the branches, I sprinkled the different colored leaves.

9. I sprayed semi-gloss clear to everywhere and finished.

29 Haziran 2019 Cumartesi

1/35 Trumpeter Canadian AVGP Cougar

The kit has metal barrel and PE parts. There are two patterns you can paint it. Its price and performance are good. I used to the mixture of Tamiya (%5 XF-8, %20 XF-2) and Gunze (%55 C135, %20 H413) paints to paint. I painted the highlights with Vallejo colors.

21 Mayıs 2019 Salı

1/35 ICM T34/85


I had finished this model in January. It had been published the Military Modelcraft International.

You can read a section of the article from below link. (Page 30-31)